Immobilized CA in fluidized bed with amine for low severity CCS

CO2 Solutions Inc.

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Quebec, QC

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CO2 Solutions Inc. is an innovator in the field of enzyme-enabled carbon capture and has been actively working to develop and commercialize a technology for stationary sources of carbon pollution. The technology will lower the cost barrier to Carbon Capture, Sequestration and Utilization (CCSU), and would position CCSU as a viable CO2 mitigation tool, as well as enabling industry to derive profitable new products from these emissions.

For this project, CO2 Solutions Inc. worked to optimize its technology for low-cost carbon capture from natural gas combustion emissions. The project prepared the carbon capture technology for pilot testing at an oil sands site.

The technology is based on the use of an enzyme, carbonic anhydrase (CA) that functions in humans for the management of CO2 during respiration. When introduced in a packed tower scrubbing system, the CA technology substantially improves CO2 capture efficiency with low-energy solvents. The technology has potential as a solution for the large-scale reduction of CO2 emissions in Alberta, particularly from in situ oil sands operations.