High-Value Synthetic Chemicals and Gasoline Drop-In Liquid Fuels from Canada’s CO2 and Flare Gas Emissions

Pioneer Energy

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Based on over a decade of research from NASA, the DOE and a number of industrial projects, Pioneer has developed a process to create butanol from greenhouse gases. Butanol is an attractive alternative fuel substitute that also has many other applications. This innovative process also addresses key production issues facing other alternative fuels, including development of an economical and reliable production process.

Pioneer has developed a Butanol From Greenhouse Gases (BFGG) process that creates a liquid-fuel substitute for gas and diesel from GHG emissions. It works by combining CH4 with the CO2 in a unique thermochemical process to produce both high-value chemicals and liquid fuel. The process can use significant amounts of GHG from a variety of sources including flare gas, to be converted to liquid fuels, polymers, and industrial chemicals for commercial use.