Guardian Hydrogen Diesel System

Diesel Tech Industries Ltd.

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Edmonton, AB

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Diesel Tech Industries (DTI) is a trusted and well-established Edmonton based company with 20+ years in the transport industry technology field. Our mission is rooted in driving innovative technology to the transportation industry. DTI is developing a retrofit technology to co-combust hydrogen and diesel in existing diesel combustion engines. Depending on hydrogen-diesel blend ratio, Guardian Hydrogen Diesel System (Guardian HDS) reduces carbon emissions and particulates for heavy-duty and medium-duty vehicles. The Guardian HDS technology presents a viable method of delivering meaningful emissions and financial benefits for Albertans. Guardian HDS enables and facilitates hydrogen-based fuel usage for the market, increasing the demand for hydrogen. DTI project for extended duration wear, maintenance, and operational testing and validation on class 8 and class 7 applications (HDV/MDV). With the ERA’s support, DTI and Guardian HDS can provide world class technological innovation in GHG emission reduction suitable to Alberta’s economic market.