Greenest Natural Gas-Powered Quad-generation with a 41% GHG Reduction

Enersion Inc.

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Nobleford, Alberta

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Enersion Incorporation, along with two other Canadian companies,  aim to co-develop and demonstrate a green and cost saving quad-generation system that produces Electricity, Cooling, Heating and CO2 in one integrated package for Current Prairie Fishermen Corporation, a fish farm in Nobleford, Alberta. The cornerstone of this system integration is the Enersion new green cooling technology that allows all-year-around system operation to use natural gas by utilizing a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit.

Based on the latest scientific works on nano-poprous materials, Enersion Inc. has invented a chiller technology that uses low grade heat, as low as 70⁰ C, to produce cooling energy, thereby reducing electricity consumption by over 70%. Enersion systems also use water as a refrigerant instead of the environmentally harmful synthetic refrigerants that are used in today’s chillers.

The project will showcase how to increase the demand of natural gas, reduce GHG emissions by 41% and reduce energy costs by over 70%, by replacing synthetic refrigerants, minimizing energy waste through system integration and harvesting the CO2. Low demands of natural gas in summer months leads to 80% reduction of the natural gas prices which currently is an obstacle for the natural gas industry.