Field pilot demonstration of UBC’s waste-to-value innovation for conversion of carbon dioxide and desalination of wastewater in Alberta

Mangrove Water Technologies

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Vancouver, BC

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Mangrove’s innovation recovers extractable value for on-site utilization by converting carbon dioxide and saline wastewater produced during oil and gas operations to re-usable water and oil field chemicals.

The technology offers a “bolt-on” solution that would allow the oil and gas sector to reduce operational costs in addition to reducing their water consumption, wastewater generation and carbon footprint.

The core of the technology is a reactor which uses electricity to convert carbon dioxide and desalinate wastewater to produce value-added chemicals such as carbonate salts and hydrochloric acid.

For Round Two, Mangrove has partnered with NORAM Engineering and Constructors, Questor Technology Inc., and the Saskatchewan Research Council to demonstrate a field pilot of the technology coupled with a waste-gas to power system at a Questor site in Alberta.

Mangrove Water Technologies is a spin-off company from the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of British Columbia where the technology was developed in the Wilkinson Research Group during Round One of the ERA Grand Challenge.

In addition to ERA, the technology has been supported by funding through Western Economic Diversification, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions.