Electrodialysis and CA catalyzed carbonate for air capture for EOR

Carbon Engineering Ltd.

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Squamish, BC

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Carbon Engineering Ltd. (CE), was founded to design and commercialize technology to cost effectively capture carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere at industrial scale. Direct air capture of CO2 enables large facilities to manage emissions from any source or location so that industrial economies of scale can be applied to the large fraction of emissions that come from distributed and mobile sources such as vehicles, airplanes and buildings. CE’s technology can serve to provide CO2 for enhanced oil recovery, which creates high-value low carbon-intensity liquid fuels.

CE completed research and development and proof-of-concept phases for their direct air carbon capture technology and built a small-scale commercial pilot plant, which processes atmospheric air and produces pure pipeline-quality CO2. This pilot plant is a key enabling step in driving the technology towards deployment-readiness, where there is potential to reduce emissions from sectors that are currently proving costly or difficult from which to mitigate.