Electric Bus On-Route Charging Deployment

City of Calgary

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Calgary, AB

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The objective of this project is to evaluate the processes, challenges, and opportunities observed when deploying 10-15 electric community shuttle buses in Calgary and operating them out of at least two hubs.

The project will:

  • collect operational data on the buses and charging infrastructure throughout the implementation period
  • use the triple bottom line model to assist with an overall evaluation of the program and how electric buses will integrate into Calgary Transit’s fleet in the future
  • ensure complete data is collected the project will ensure that a broad cross section of route types with varying characteristics are addressed
  • evaluate the customer experience as it pertains to multiple parameters, including schedule impacts and rider comfort.

The lessons learned from this project will support Calgary Transit’s readiness when exploring large scale EV deployment and fleet renewal in the future. As technology improves economic, social, and environmental drivers may promote increased EV adoption. The scope of work for this project involves:

  • procurement of electric buses
  • supply, installation and construction of charging equipment and related infrastructure (in-depot charging)
  • deployment of electric buses on select bus routes and gathering performance data
  • final report on performance outcomes, triple bottom analysis, and assessment of the opportunity for wider-scale deployment.