Downhole imaging system for identifying wellbore leakage

DarkVision Technologies Inc.

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Fort McMurray, AB

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DarkVision will demonstrate their new acoustic-based downhole imaging technology in Alberta wells. The technology solves a well-known critical problem for the industry and has widespread applicability across the various well types and different stages found in Alberta.

Small defects in casing, connections, cement and other downhole components can result in significant business impacts, from methane leaks to more severe well integrity problems and production issues.

Today, it is challenging for operators to get a clear picture of what’s going on downhole using cameras or optics systems, because of the opaque fluids inside the well. DarkVision’s acoustic-based imaging technology, solves this problem by providing a clear high-resolution picture of downhole problems through various types of opaque fluids. Operators can run this new technology on traditional deployment systems from wireline to e-coil and tractors depending on the well type and where the problem is located.

For this project, the technology will be piloted across various Alberta sites owned by ConocoPhillips, Suncor, Cenovus and other oil and gas operators.