CO2 Utilization in Concrete: A new circular economy model

CarbonCure Technologies

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Edmonton, AB

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CarbonCure’s technology is currently providing both economic and environmental benefits to Alberta’s construction industry at a dozen concrete plants. In the final phase of the Grand Challenge, CarbonCure will broaden its suite of carbon utilization technologies to offer a complete solution across the cement, concrete, and construction industry. With broad market adoption, the technology portfolio could provide an estimated 530,000 tonnes per year by 2030 in Alberta. It is also expecting to save 554 million litres of water annually. At the end of the project, Alberta will have the world’s most advanced and integrated circular economy solution for the cement and concrete industry. The project will showcase that CO₂ can be converted into valuable carbon-based products in Alberta, which will serve as a reference for other parts of the world transitioning to a lower carbon economy and pave the way for the Province to achieve 1.98 megaton of annual CO₂ reductions by the year 2050.