CLEANSEAS™ Demonstration Project

Enlighten Innovations Inc. (Formerly Field Upgrading Ltd.)

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Alberta Heartland

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Enlighten Innovations Inc. will design and construct a demonstration facility for its DSU® technology. DSU removes sulphur and partially upgrades heavy oil including Alberta bitumen into low-sulfur marine fuel.

Low-sulfur marine fuel is an alternate, value-added market that is growing in response to new marine transport regulations. The CLEANSEAS project is a commercial scale of the technology and signifies a critical step towards full commercial rollout. Commercial implementation of the technology will involve construction of modules at the same scale as the demonstration plant. The modules can be installed close to bitumen production facilities or refining facilities.

Enlighten Innovations estimates that the DSU technology reduces GHG emissions on a lifecycle basis by up to 40% compared to alternative pathways for production of marine fuel.