Carbon Reforming to Economic Additives for Transitioning into Emission-less era

Carbonova Corp.

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Calgary AB

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The key objective of the CREATE project is to accelerate the development and commercialization of new carbon capture and utilization technology developed by a spin-off company, Carbonova Corp. (“Carbonova”), of the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada.

The technology converts waste heat and industrial CO2 streams into valuable products based on carbon nanofibers and will help monetize CO2 and shift towards a circular economy. Carbon nanofibers (“CNF”) have received significant attention over the past decade due to their compelling multifunctionality.  CNF incorporate several properties that are often only found in different products, such as steel (mechanical strength), copper (electrical conductivity), and graphite (thermal conductivity). Historically, the high manufacturing cost of CNF was the main barrier to go its widespread adoption across various industries.

This project is focused on the cost reduction of CNF production and uses a new catalytic chemical process that can be integrated into a cement production unit, and accelerate the use of CNF in different high-demand products. The CREATE project will be undertaken by a consortium involving key partners from four nations across the full value chain from production of raw materials, to manufacture, and the marketing of end products.

ACT partners: France, Switzerland

Participating organizations: Holcim, Sika France, Sika Technology AG