Carbon dioxide utilization in concrete

CarbonCure Technologies

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Calgary, AB

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CarbonCure Technologies injects CO2 into concrete to sequester the carbon and improve the concrete’s performance. The retrofit technology bolts onto existing concrete plants, and allows concrete producers to sequester carbon dioxide emissions directly into concrete, while also making the concrete stronger, and less expensive to manufacture.

CarbonCure has already started to commercially deploy the technology with leading concrete producers such as Alberta-based BURNCO Rock Products.

For the ERA Grand Challenge: Innovative Carbon Uses, they are working to maximize the overall GHG benefits and improve the economics associated with their technology to attract smaller concrete plants as customers.

During the project, multiple concrete plants across Alberta will be installed with the retrofit technology to permanently sequester carbon dioxide emissions in concrete, making the concrete both stronger and greener.

Their technology draws on the existing concrete manufacturing process and allows concrete manufacturers to permanently sequester carbon dioxide emissions in concrete. CarbonCure Technologies is the only new entrant for the ERA Grand Challenge: Innovative Carbon Uses. All other technologies that are progressing in Round Two also received funding through the first round of the competition.