Brewery GHG reduction first-of-kind commercialization project

Blindman Brewing

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Lacombe, AB

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Blindman Brewing is partnering with Earthly Labs to adopt their CO2 capture and reuse technology in its brewing process in collaboration with Olds College and the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute. CO2 that is free from oxygen and nitrogen is captured from the fermentation process and sent to a foam trap where most of the liquid is removed. An onboard sensor monitors the incoming gas stream to determine the concentration of CO2 and O2. Once the concentration of O2 drops below 0.1% the gas is filtered to remove any impurities and compressed for storage in dewar tanks. It can then be re-used in several processes in the plant like carbonation, packaging and purging. The project reduces GHG emissions by capturing and reusing CO2 that would otherwise be vented to the atmosphere—in a very financially viable way. For the unit installed in this project emissions reductions are expected to be approximately 100+ tCO2e/yr.