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Entropy has developed world-leading, commercial scale carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) technology that is suitable for a wide variety of industrial emissions, including various forms of natural gas combustion. The first commercial application, recently completed at the Advantage Energy Glacier Gas Plant near Grande Prairie, Alberta, captures COemissions from the exhaust of a gas-fired 5,000 horsepower engine and demonstrates the commercial viability of Entropy technology at an industrial scale.

The Athabasca Leismer project will apply Entropy’s MCC™ (Modular Carbon Capture™) and RES™ (Reverse Entropy Storage™) technology with several process specific innovations to “once-through-steam-generator” (OTSG) boilers. Phase 1 of the project will target CO2 emissions on the largest OTSG of approximately 164,000 tonnes per annum and will lead to design refinements that can be applied to the remainder of the Leismer facility as well as many other projects in the sector.

With ERA’s support of our engineering design work for the Athabasca Leismer project, we are one step closer to deploying Entropy’s world-leading technology to a critical segment of Alberta’s energy sector. Since this is the first project of its kind in the world and since OTSGs are used prolifically around the world for thermal processes, it will significantly increase the scalability and the climate-relevance of this technology. It will also create a pathway for the decarbonization of one of Canada’s most important industrial sectors, removing carbon from the atmosphere and helping deliver clean, secure energy to the world.