Air injection into Ft.Mac landfill to encourage CH4 to CO2 conversion

Salt Canada Inc.

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Fort McMurray, AB

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SALT Canada Inc. was created to environmentally and economically improve the process of landfilling municipal solid waste by rapidly eliminating methane production potential, protecting groundwater against contamination and providing a platform for landfill material recovery and reuse while providing lowest life-cycle costs.

This project aimed to drastically transform the Fort McMurray aerobic landfill from an anaerobic state to an aerobic condition through the injection of compressed air throughout the site. The anaerobic bacteria that produce methane should perish in the presence of the oxygen contained within the compressed air. Aerobic bacteria will quickly and naturally replace the anaerobic bacteria and produce no methane, all while transforming the organic material into a “compost-like” material about 30 times faster than the anaerobic bacteria.