Affordable Zero-Emission Fail-Safe Electric Dump Valve Actuator (EDVA) Phase 2

Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada

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Linear Motion Technologies (LMT) Electric Dump Valve Actuator (EDVA) will both replace a large percentage of pneumatic devices currently in use and provide a more efficient and affordable alternative for new installations. Replacing pneumatic actuators with EDVAs completely eliminates all associated methane emissions. Furthermore, the EDVA requires fewer and far simpler parts than competitive devices, resulting in a more reliable technology that is cheaper and easier to install and maintain.

In 2019, Phase 1 began and is currently pursuing the design, development, and field test of an affordable, zero-emission, fail-safe EDVA for 1” valve applications. Phase 2 of the project, with support from ERA, will develop and test a larger EDVA with the addition of modulating precision control capability using LMT’s SmartRam™ Shape Memory Alloy technology. The technology addresses natural gas leaks and fugitive emissions as well as alternatives to flaring and venting.

The methane emission reductions from the anticipated commercial market rollout of EDVA Phase 1 and 2 will substantially contribute to meeting Alberta policy targets while creating jobs and driving economic growth over the next 10 years.