Achieving carbon neutrality through the datafication of wastewater from livestock

IWR Technologies, Ltd.

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IWR Technologies Ltd.’s livestock division Livestock Water Recycling, has developed a technology (known as PLANT) that transforms paunch manure into two distinct natural fertilizers, reducing on-farm methane emissions by up to 82 per cent in cattle processing. PLANT uses progressive water treatment technology to extract manure particles from water and segregate these into valuable fertilizer nutrients. The outcome of manure processing through this technology is potable water, dry solid fertilizer that is rich in phosphorus, and organic nitrogen, as well as concentrated stable ammonium and potassium liquid fertilizer. The technology provides a solution to the difficulty posed by paunch manure (the partially digested contents of the stomach/intestines of slaughtered animals). This manure is traditionally stored in lagoons prior to application as fertilizer which results in the production of greenhouse gases, nutrient run-off, air and water pollution, soil contamination, and odor. PLANT reduces emissions by converting waste into dry fertilizer products, eliminating methane emissions from the conventional approach of lagoons and spreading for waste treatment. Further indirect reductions are provided via increased water reuse and reduced demand for synthetic fertilizers. Annual reductions for each implementation at the project scale are estimated to be 4,000 tCO2e/yr.