A New Wave in Hydrogen Production

New Wave Hydrogen

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Calgary, AB

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Standing Wave Reformers, Inc. (SWR) introduces a new energy paradigm in clean hydrogen (H2) generation – shock wave or compression energy. The core innovation uses well proven components in a novel application for methane pyrolysis. The compression energy transfer in the Wave Reformer directly heats natural gas to temperatures sufficient to directly crack methane into hydrogen and carbon black, without the need for catalysts.

Unlike conventional hydrogen production from Steam Methane Reforming (SMR), the SWR process uses no water and produces no CO2. Using SWR in place of SMR can result in a reduction of ~10 kg CO2 and ~15 to 20 liters of fresh water per kg H2 produced.  Across Canada and globally, this adds up to a significant positive environmental impact. In comparison to electrolysis, SWR is 2.5 to 5 times less expensive, with comparable net GHG reduction and no water demand. SWR can replace, or augment, electrolysis in Power to Gas renewable energy programs at a fraction of the cost.

A unique feature is the ease in scaling, SWR systems can be installed in virtually any pressurized pipeline, on-site, in any location – decarbonizing fuel and feedstocks globally without requiring new pipelines and storage. SWR offers a very near-term solution to GHG reduction in all major H2 sectors.