Helping energy-intensive industries cut emissions

Large industrial emitters with innovative ideas to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save money are invited to apply for funding from a new government program.

The $35-million Industrial Efficiency Challenge supports Alberta’s energy-intensive and trade-exposed industries, offering large industrial emitters the opportunity to improve cost competitiveness and reduce emissions. Funding for the challenge is provided by the Alberta government through Emissions Reduction Alberta, an organization that accelerates the development of innovative, emissions-reducing technologies in the province.

“We’re committed to making the transition to energy efficiency as smooth as possible for Albertans. Innovative technologies help Alberta industries reduce emissions while also reducing costs that make them more competitive in global markets. The funding will result in investment attraction, economic and environmental benefits and job creation for Albertans.”

Shannon Phillips, Minister of Environment and Parks and Minister responsible for the Climate Change Office

Projects will be selected through a competitive process based on direct achievements made toward greenhouse gas emission reductions in Alberta. Impacts of the Carbon Competitiveness Incentive Regulation will be considered during project selection as well. Successful applicants are eligible to receive a maximum of $10 million in funding. The application deadline is May 31.

“Industry wants to get moving and we are looking forward to seeing the innovative projects they will bring forward through this challenge. We have a rigorous selection process and a team of experts who will identify the projects that will reduce emissions and operating costs.”

Steve MacDonald, CEO, Emissions Reduction Alberta

This funding complements other Government of Alberta programs, such as Energy Efficiency Alberta’s recently announced industrial-specific rebates added to the Business, Non-Profit and Institutional Energy Savings Program.

“Alberta’s momentum to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and become more energy efficient continues to grow. Through our collective efforts, including this innovative Industrial Efficiency Challenge, we’re making a difference for Albertans, the environment and our economy. Energy Efficiency Alberta is also expanding incentives and services to encourage the use of high-efficiency technologies to help the province’s industrial sector save energy and money, and increase the competitiveness of their businesses.”

Monica Curtis, CEO, Energy Efficiency Alberta

“Alberta manufacturers are committed to reducing emissions and have been successfully making the necessary capital investments for years. ERA’s Industrial Efficiency Challenge will put carbon levy proceeds to work helping manufacturers take the next step in improving their energy efficiency, reducing emissions and boosting productivity. Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters look forward to working with manufacturers to develop successful Industrial Efficiency Challenge proposals.”

David MacLean, Alberta vice president, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters

“This initiative will leverage Alberta’s existing strength in value-added energy processing and will advance our economically competitive position while contributing to the global reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.  Alberta’s Industrial Heartland is well-positioned to benefit from the innovative technologies that will result from the Industrial Efficiency Challenge.”

Mark Plamondon, executive director, Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association

“The cement industry continuously focuses on reducing our environmental footprint and we are encouraged by the Industrial Efficiency Challenge funding. Our industry is up to the challenge and will apply to take advantage of the fund to further reduce our carbon intensity. We applaud the commitment of ERA and the Government of Alberta and look forward to further collaboration on our shared goal of providing solutions to society’s sustainability challenges.”

Michael McSweeney, president and CEO, Cement Association of Canada

Emissions Reduction Alberta reached out to industry for input on the design of the challenge to ensure the greatest outcomes in terms of emissions and cost reductions. The funding for the challenge is part of a $1.4-billion investment, over seven years, for innovation projects that support Alberta’s industry leaders to create new jobs, diversify the economy and reduce carbon pollution.