Cleantech Directions 2016 Report provides insight for technology developers

Cleantech Canada has released 2016 Cleantech Directions, a research and roundtable report on clean technology growth trends in Canada.

The most significant change from the 2015 report is the optimism that was shared during the round table discussion which took place in November. The promise added investment and enthusiasm associated with the COP21 conference energized those working in the sector.

The ability to prove out innovations at home is a key factor helping Canadian cleantech companies win global customers. Forty-one per cent of survey respondents indicate they export their technology. Most export to the United States (75%) followed by Europe, China and the UK.

Commercialized companies identify that solving real industry problems (43%), reducing costs for purchasers (35%) and creating a market advantage for purchasers (29%) play a big part in proceeding to a stage where they are generating revenues.

Managing risk tolerance continues to be a challenge for organizations that are working to sell their technology. Seventy-one per cent agree that their companies will only invest in cleaner or innovative technologies if they have been proven or well established.

CCEMC was pleased to sponsor this research. Download the report here.