CCEMC earmarks $10 million to build a $20 million facility to produce renewable transportation fuel

Edmonton-based SBI BioEnergy has developed a technology that reduces greenhouse gas emissions by creating a renewable fuel that is virtually indistinguishable from diesel. Using revenue from the price Alberta’s large emitters pay for releasing greenhouse gases, the Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation (CCEMC) has earmarked a $10 million contribution for SBI to build a $20 million facility to continue this work.

“We are putting Alberta’s current carbon levy to work; diversifying our economy, creating jobs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This project is an example of the kind of local innovation that will help position Alberta as a global leader in renewable energy under our Climate Leadership Plan.” – Rachel Notley, Premier

“Provincial support and innovation investment have made the difference in allowing SBI to demonstrate its ability to produce clean, sustainable fuels at a large scale. When we move to full production, it will mark a turning point for Alberta. Instead of having to import renewable fuels for blending with conventional fuels, we will be able to refine these right here at home at relatively low cost.” – Dr. Inder Singh, President and CEO, SBI BioEnergy

“CCEMC is committed to identifying and developing solutions that will accelerate the transition to a future with lower greenhouse gas emissions. The SBI BioEnergy project is a great example of Alberta based innovation — we are creating the clean technologies the world needs while diversifying our economy.”
– Steve MacDonald, CEO, Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation