Project Industry: Oil Sands – Upgrading and Processing

  • Effective monitoring of long-term site stability for transparent carbon capture and storage hazard assessment

    ENSURE will demonstrate the use of microseismic monitoring for seal integrity verification for large-scale carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) projects. Microseismic events provide direct insights into CO2 migration within the storage reservoir and potential caprock integrity challenges within the overburden. This goal will be achieved by developing advanced analysis tools and comparing data, existing and…

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  • Molten Sodium Upgrading Pilot Plant

    Founded by oil and gas industry leaders, Guy Turcotte and Neil Camarta, Field Upgrading is a Canadian company based in Calgary, Alberta. Field Upgrading partnered with Ceramatec, a specialty ceramics company, to develop a new breakthrough heavy oil desulphurization and upgrading technology called de-sulphurization and upgrading (DSU). Field Upgrading’s DSU technology selectively targets the components…

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  • MEG Low intensity Bitumen Upgrading – Field Pilot

    MEG, a publicly traded oil sands energy company, is developing an innovative process to efficiently convert bitumen into a crude oil suitable for transport by pipeline without the requirement for diluting agents. A unique combination of mild-intensity processes is applied to the bitumen, resulting in high yields and a reduction in GHG emissions associated with…

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