Project Industry: Oil Sands – Upgrading and Processing

  • Suncor PURE Demonstration Facility

    Suncor PURE (Partial Upgrading Reduced Energy) Demonstration Facility: Suncor is advancing the development of PURE, an innovative partial upgrading technology, intended to reduce diluent requirements for transportation and to increase the value of oil sands bitumen. The funds from ERA will support the next stage, which is to design, build and operate a commercial scale […]

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  • Enhanced JetShear Regional Hub Development Project

    Fractal Systems Inc. is commercially deploying its Enhanced JetShear (EJS) technology for the first time at a Regional Hub facility at a midstream oil and gas site. The technology cost-effectively improves the quality and viscosity of bitumen; lowering transportation costs, increasing export pipeline capacity up to 20 per cent, and cutting wells-to-tank greenhouse gas (GHG) […]

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  • Partial upgrader with integrated water treatment

  • CLEANSEAS™ Demonstration Project

    Enlighten Innovations Inc. will design and construct a demonstration facility for its DSU® technology. DSU removes sulphur and partially upgrades heavy oil including Alberta bitumen into low-sulfur marine fuel. Low-sulfur marine fuel is an alternate, value-added market that is growing in response to new marine transport regulations. The CLEANSEAS project is a commercial scale of […]

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