Project Industry: Environmental Services & Research

  • Satellite-Aircraft Hybrid Detection and Quantification of Methane Emissions

    GHGSat has partnered with COSIA, Schlumberger, Encana, GreenPath, and others in Alberta to develop and demonstrate a Calgary-based Aircraft-Satellite hybrid methane detection and quantification system. The two-tiered satellite/aircraft approach will enable screening and detection of large leaks from diffuse or point sources from orbit, followed by more detailed imaging and quantification by aircraft surveys that […]

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  • Calibration and Demonstration of Aerial Methane Imaging for Efficient, Wide-Area Methane Emissions Detection

    Kairos Aerospace has developed a technology to rapidly and cost-effectively locate and quantify methane releases over large areas. Early and accurate detection will enable directed repair of major methane leaks from a variety of sources. The project will demonstrate and validate its aerial methane imaging and quantification platform in Alberta.

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  • Biodiversity Management and Climate Change Adaptation

    This collaborative climate change adaptation project involves a team of biodiversity scientists and policy analysts from the University of Alberta; Miistakis Institute; Alberta Innovates Technology Futures; the Government of Alberta, and the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute. The team assessed hundreds of wild species, ranging from prairie flowers to backyard birds, to devise proactive strategies for […]

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