GHG Saving and Internationally Scalable Ultra High Recovery Industrial Wastewater Treatment at an Albertan Agri-Chem Facility

Saltworks Technologies Inc.

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This project will advance a full-scale, permanently installed plant at Nutrien’s nitrogen fertilizer production facility in Carseland, Alberta, to treat cooling tower blowdown (CTB). Nutrien is investigating treating it for re-use, thereby reducing Bow River water withdrawal. The technology will also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by allowing producers of agricultural and industrial wastewater to avoid trucking excess waste to off-site underground disposal wells, energy-intensive thermal treatment, or large evaporation ponds. It is estimated that annual GHG reductions will be approximately 3,900 tCO2e by 2023, with cumulative market rollout reductions of approx. 480 ktCO2e by 2030.