Source Separated Organics and Agricultural Waste Anaerobic Digester 


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Chin, AB/Coaldale, AB

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The Perry family has a history of innovation and stewardship that spans four generations of southern Alberta farming. Today, the Perry farm is a diverse operation comprising 4,000 acres of prime irrigated land producing quality potatoes, sunflowers, green peas, seed canola and a range of cereals for clients such as Frito Lay, McCain, Lucerne Foods, Hytech Production and Spitz. The Perry’s are respected as responsible environmental stewards, applying recognized best practices and using cutting edge technology in its operations. Presently, the Farm has installed 20KW solar pv, 30 tonne of geothermal, practice tractor exhaust sequestration on implements and biological farming practices. GrowTEC is the latest initiative of this entrepreneurial family, led by Chris Perry as President and CEO.

This project included developing a farm scale 633 kW anaerobic digester (AD) using waste organics relevant to Alberta, including: source separated organics and agricultural waste. The GrowTEC facility will showcase the economic and practical viability of waste diversion and renewable energy generation using commercialized small (farm) scale AD technology while significantly reducing GHG emissions. The facility incorporated multiple innovations to utilize onsite waste streams, converting organic waste into clean, renewable electricity and nutrient-rich/pathogen-free bio-fertilizer. The renewable energy project is replicable across multiple agricultural and waste products.