Plant protein processing emission reductions and water sustainability

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Phyto Organix Foods Inc. is building a 40,000 metric tonne per annum (mtpa) yellow pea wet fractionation facility in Strathmore, Alberta to produce plant-based protein and co-product food ingredients. Novel technologies, processes and renewable power combine to make this a state-of-the-art net zero emission facility – the first of its kind in North America. Our processing facility is situated in the heart of yellow pea country in Alberta, with more than 10x our processing capacity grown within an hour’s drive of Strathmore, minimizing carbon emissions from feedstock freight. We have evaluated and invested in novel technologies that allow us to: 1) minimize waste via processing 86% of the yellow pea into human consumable food, with remaining by-products consumed as animal feed or for biogas end-use; 2) attain the highest process water recycle/reuse in the industry at over 75%; and 3) integrate automation into the facility to optimize run-time, operating performance, and minimize energy waste.

Our $275 million facility sets the foundation for building a valued-added agribusiness hub in Strathmore. When operational, the facility will produce over 30,000 mtpa of plant proteins and food ingredients, adding over 60 full-time jobs and $120 million annually to the Alberta economy.