Natel Energy, Inc. BRID Drop 5 Hydro Project

Natel Energy

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Southern Alberta

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BRIDs Drop 5 is an existing weir with a height of 10 meters that is capable of passing 49 cms of flow. By diverting the flow around the weir and through a powerhouse that utilizes Natel Energy’s hydroEngine® turbine, this project will generate 970 kW of capacity and 2,677 MWh of carbon-free energy annually. This will be the first full-scale installation of this turbine at this power rating. The hydroEngine is also fish-friendly and may be used to support the scaling of watershed ecosystem restoration activities.

Successful demonstration and utilization of the turbine at this site will open the door to a host of additional sites within the BRID canal system as well as other irrigation districts and rivers in the province of Alberta and worldwide.