GHG Reduction for Supply Chain Improvements for Oil & Gas Hydraulic Fracturing

Alberta Newsprint Company/ Integrated Sustainability

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Fox Creek, AB

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The Whitefox Project will create a centralized treated waste water system that will provide shared, high-utilization, integrated water infrastructure to multiple major energy companies near Fox Creek. The pipeline and associated infrastructure will reduce status quo greenhouse gas emissions by >35 per cent and eliminate the equivalent of >2400 Olympic sized pools of freshwater use per year in Alberta’s Energy Sector.

The Whitefox Project will provide a year-round supply of recycled pulp and paper mill effluent to oil and gas producers. The efficiencies will be generated through pipeline transportation of effluent water in lieu of freshwater withdrawal and transportation by trucking, diesel pumping through lay-flat hose, and diesel heating of water.

Protecting industry, environment and jobs, this innovative transportation project will be a first in Canada, co-developed by two Alberta-based companies: Integrated Sustainability – a water infrastructure company based in Calgary, and Alberta Newsprint Company – based near Whitecourt, Alberta.