Co-Locating Natural Gas and Indoor Agriculture for Alberta’s Future

Sustainitech Inc.

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Villeneuve, Alberta

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Sustainitech’s project, Co-locating Natural Gas and Indoor Agriculture, aligns natural gas producers and processors with containerized indoor farming to produce mutual benefits, to create resilient local food supply while reducing and avoiding GHG emissions and dramatically increasing overall system efficiency. Sustainitech has partnered with an Albertan Oil & Gas company to operate a first-of-kind deployment to be built here in the Province of Alberta.

Due to the flexible design of the Sustainitech indoor growing complex, this project is purposebuilt to work within the constraints of energy sites and to encourage investment into GHG emissions reducing on-site power generation. Incorporating waste heat recovery & utilization, as well as instantaneous load-shedding technologies, the project will drive greater fuel efficiency of onsite natural gas power generation.

This project’s aim is to substantially reduce GHG emissions while, opening up a new food production industry and creating jobs for Alberta’s future.