Project Category: Oil Sands Innovation

  • Non-Condensable Gas Co-Injection for Thief Zones

    ConocoPhillips Canada, as operator of its Surmont joint venture with Total E&P Canada, will deploy its Non-Condensable Gas (NCG) injection technology at 12 SAGD well pairs to validate the technology at commercial scale. NCG injection has the potential to mitigate “thief zones” – areas above or below the oil zones where energy and pressure can be lost, resulting […]

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  • High Temperature Membranes for SAGD Produced Water Treatment

    Suncor will partner with Devon Energy and Suez (formerly GE Water) to demonstrate High Temperature Reverse Osmosis (HTRO) membranes for SAGD water treatment. The project will validate the technology for application in high-temperature SAGD conditions. If successful, the membranes could eliminate the need to reduce the temperature and pressure of produced water prior to water […]

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