The future generation of low-carbon concrete: Upcycling CO2 and legacy fly ash to make high-performance, sustainable cement

Carbon Upcycling Technologies

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Calgary, AB

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Did you know that cement and concrete production is responsible for 8% of annual global CO2 emissions? To help lower the carbon footprint of the cement and concrete industry, Carbon Upcycling Technologies has developed a technology that can upcycle various landfilled industrial by-products or underutilized natural minerals into high-performance replacements for cement (the most carbon intensive ingredient in concrete).

This project will support the first commercial-scale deployment of two carbon capture and cementitious material production facilities in the Albertan construction sector. In this project, Carbon Upcycling has partnered with two end-users (BURNCO and Lafarge Holcim) to upcycle previously landfilled fly ash into a high-performance cement replacement. This project will reduce the overall emissions associated with cement production by:

1. Valorizing a waste material
2. Reducing the amount of cement required in concrete
3. Permanently storing flue gas CO2 into the end-product