Life-Cycle Analysis of Canadian Natural Gas – A Pilot Study

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Calgary, AB

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For this report, a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) framework was developed and used to investigate the cradle-to-gate GHG emissions associated with natural gas produced from the Montney formation in Alberta. The cradle-to-gate analysis includes preproduction, production, and processing stages of natural gas up to but not including sales gas transmission. The framework developed in this report relies heavily on the data reported by the oil and gas operators to Alberta Energy Regulator (AER). These data are required to meet the quality requirements set by the AER and are believed to be the most accurate data available publicly, hence providing the most accurate representation possible of the actual oil and gas operations in Alberta. The LCA analysis presented here takes advantage of the monthly volumetric PETRINEX reports for 2015 – 2020 that are available for free, as well as the AER’s “General Well Data” dataset (that includes AER’s “General Well Data” and “Individual Well Gas Analysis Data by Zone”) that is available for purchase through the AER website. Data processing and analyses are mainly completed using Python, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Power Query. In cases where data gaps exist in the reported data, alternative methods are used to estimate the missing data for use in the LCA calculations. Where possible, comparisons are made with other literature sources and relevant insights are presented.