Flash Forest Commercial Pilots and Demonstrations of Rapid Drone Reforestation Technology for 2021 to 2023

Flash Forest Inc.

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Fort McMurray, AB

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Flash Forest utilizes drone reforestation technology comprised of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and hardware, aerial mapping software, automation, and biological seed pod technology to reforest areas at a rapid pace. Flash Forest’s mapping and telemetry technology, intakes current environmental conditions to ensure trees are planted uniformly and only where they can survive. The seed firing device allows for aerial deployment of seed pods at an interval of one pod per second per drone. Additionally, Flash Forest’s botanical teams are working on rapid germination and enhanced stress tolerance of its planted trees. With multiple drones flying at once, controlled remotely and autonomously, Flash Forest is working to plant up to 100,000 tree pods daily and per operator. By investing in Alberta and partnering with local organizations, Flash Forest aims to plant four million trees over the course of the project and millions afterward. GHG reductions are estimated to be between 1,450 and 4,341 tCO2e in Alberta through this ERA collaboration.