Field Pilot of Multilateral Well Technology to Reduce GHG Intensity of SAGD

ConocoPhillips Canada

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Fort McMurray, AB

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This project will use innovative drilling and completion methods and thermal junction technology in existing Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) vertical wellbores to increase production from a single surface location. Thermal junction technology enables the drilling of multiple lateral sections without the need for additional above ground capital. The technology should lower costs for infill producer wells and allow for greater deployment. These infill producer wells provide increased bitumen production without additional steam injection, thereby reducing emissions intensity and operating costs per barrel of bitumen.

  • This technology reduces GHG emissions on a per barrel basis by increasing the recovery of bitumen (via the multilateral infill wells) with no incremental steam production.
  • The pilot is expected to result in a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions intensity of 17 per cent