Electrification of Industrial Railway Switching in closed loop operations

Cando Rail & Terminals

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Sturgeoun County, AB

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Cando Rail & Terminals is developing a Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery-powered switching locomotive, an initiative that has the potential to transform the rail switching industry. Cando’s innovative solution to retrofit a legacy, non-tier compliant locomotive with a Li-Ion battery propulsion system will fill a technology gap in the industry, providing a solution that is customized for switching operations. The Li-Ion battery-powered locomotive will be zero emission and will be able to perform all manners of work as required by a normal diesel-powered locomotive used in switching operations. Once the retrofit is complete, Cando will demonstrate and evaluate the technical performance of the battery-powered locomotive and supporting charging infrastructure in a real-world switching environment. The project will generate critical industry knowledge that will inform future development of battery-powered locomotives and will help Cando and its customers with their greenhouse gas emissions and sustainability goals.