eLAB Battery Project: Providing Industrial Facility Continuity & Grid Reliability

TERIC Power Ltd.

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Edmonton, AB

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TERIC Power Ltd. supported by Keyera Corp. is proposing a first-of-kind project in Alberta at the Keyera Alberta EnviroFuels (AEF) facility with an eLAB (enhanced Load and Batteries) solution. Until now, large industrial facilities in the province of Alberta have relied on diesel or natural gas generators to provide full utility-scale reliability backup services. This eLAB Battery Project proposes to deploy a 10MW Battery Energy Storage System, installed behind the fence to provide the Keyera AEF facility with the ability to handle outage-causing power quality issues with lower GHG emissions, while at the same time supporting the Alberta grid by providing the Alberta Electrical System Operator (AESO) with critical reliability programs, and the time shifting of renewable power. The unique aspect to the eLAB Project is the battery system’s ability to provide services to both an industrial host and to the AESO. Through the provision of both services, the eLAB Project will provide Albertans with essential electrical services at a lower cost and with less carbon emitted.