Deploying an Advanced Analytics Platform to Quantify Livestock Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions and Monitor Reduction Strategies at Individual Animal and Whole Operation Scale

GrowSafe Systems Ltd.

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Airdrie, AB

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Alberta has one of the largest beef herds in the world. The production of beef and dairy contributes to Alberta’s overall GHG emissions, specifically methane, which is released from manure and from the animals as a natural part of their digestion. Reducing GHG emissions through selecting the most efficient cattle offers an opportunity to reduce livestock’s environmental footprint. Building on extensive research, technology development and industry investment, this project will demonstrate how an advanced data analytics platform can improve operation profitability and reduce emissions. This project will demonstrate at a commercially relevant scale how this computer platform can monitor, audit and verify emissions from cattle on a life cycle basis. GrowSafe will develop and apply algorithms to help the beef and dairy producers select efficient animals for breeding and managing production for GHG reductions.