Crossfield Gas Plant Energy Efficiency and GHG Reduction Project

TAQA North Ltd.

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Crossfield, AB

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This project will demonstrate the benefits of acid gas injection (AGI) with a potential for localized enhanced gas recovery at the Crossfield Gas Plant. The project is expected to improve the sustainability of the gas plant by improving production efficiency and significantly reducing carbon compliance costs.  The process involves re-injecting acid gas, containing hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide, into a defined reservoir to significantly reduce atmospheric emissions. The project will reduce emissions by improving production efficiency, eliminating venting of reservoir carbon dioxide, and eliminating energy consumed in the treatment of acid gas. An added benefit will be the reduction of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions through the optimization of boilers and compression. TAQA is developing this project in collaboration with ExxonMobil Canada.

  • Once implemented, acid gas injection and operational efficiencies are expected to reduce total emissions of the facility by more than 60 per cent.
  • This project estimates GHG emissions reductions by more than 300,000 tCO2e during the first five years of operation.