A innovative virtual power plant solution to reshape Alberta Electricity Grid and enable the widespread adoption of renewable energy and high energy-tier buildings

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Edmonton, AB

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Energy storage system (ESS) has long been seen as the missing link between intermittent renewable power and constant reliability. And a network of storage systems that are interconnected through a central control, i.e. Virtual Power Plant (VPP), can play a broader role in the energy transition by smartly control the power consumption and generation to relieve the load, particularly the peak load, on the grid.

The proposed project includes 100 Net Zero and highly energy efficient solar homes that are connected to a VPP platform. By integrating the VPP platform with electricity grid operator’s Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) and utility retailer’s billing and energy optimization systems, the VPP software brings industry leading visibility and control to Behind the Meter ESS resources and enable the grid operators to fully access the Distributed Energy Resources in highly energy efficient residential dwellings. The real-world data collected from VPP platform and DERMS will support the development of VPP operation and business models, while evaluating the impacts of VPP to Alberta grid. The success of this pilot project will pave the way for large-scale adoption of VPP in Alberta and help the electricity and renewable energy sectors, as well as the building industry, to overcome some main barriers to their decarbonization journey.